The office and showroom will re-open on the 11th January 2024. Please phone Johan on 083 2618778, if you have any inquiries.

Welcome to Zerocrete

Zerocrete is a dynamic start-up that emerged onto the scene at the beginning of 2023, driven by a passion for sustainable design and the desire to revolutionise decorative concrete.  Our company specializes in the creation of functional art pieces and furniture using a groundbreaking combination of industrial waste, cement and cement replacement materials.

With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Zerocrete aims to redefine the concept of waste.  By harnessing the power of plastics and fabric waste sourced from the industrial sector, we give new life to these materials and transform them into remarkable pieces that blend both functionality and artistic expression.

Through a strategic collaboration with Stucco Italiano, a renowned supplier of premium materials, and by leveraging the innovative decorative finishing technology developed by World of Decorative Concrete, Zerocrete is at the forefront of a new era of environmentally conscious design.


A Whole New Look Awaits


Zero Waste To Landfill

Circular Economy